Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Welcome to Boltaction in15mm

This blog will be covering all aspects of my hobby and interest in playing and collection.

A brief introduction into how this all started

I started out a few years ago playing Flames of war by Battlefront and slowly I was introduced to Boltaction by Warlord games but as most people do I realised that if I wanted to continue collecting and playing it was going to cost quite a it and astounding do you try to look for alternative (cheaper miniatures).
After a few days of looking inane off google I started to notice a few threads about playing Boltaction in different scales but it always came back to the same few posts or comments where people had used air fix type scales or there old FOW 15mm but no further so I posted the question on a few forums and waited to for the reply.

So a few thousand views later and may comments about how people had seen it done or were starting there own 15mm Boltaction army I decided to go and look at what I had in my bits box.

After collection FOW for 3 years without realising I had amassed quite a collection of bits, spares, unfinished projects/ un started projects and so on.
So after several hours of rummaging and list building I was able to put together 3-4 small army's 

British Para's

Royal Marine Comandos

US Airborne 


After posting a few pics on a few groups more people got interested and more question asked on how to and how do you do this and that so it prompted me to start this blogg and Facebook pace

I did take a small break from paing and gaming as other life commitments life family and work took over and I was disheartened for a while by a few horrid people who didn't like the idea and were to be honest not nice but that's all in the past and as it's almost the new year I've decided to start a fresh with lots of support from my amazing wife and some great friends (minty)

I will warn you that I am by far now writer and my spelling and grammar isn't amazing so I will try to keep it all very simple

Well I hope you enjoy and keep following and sharing 

Many thanks


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